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Content can be accessed through the CFTEA Moodle Workplace mobile app or by signing into CFTEA Workplace through any internet browser.

Current topics in the library included (links below provide audiobook content details):


  • Pain Points: Anger in the Workplace (Exclusive)

Anger! Be it an outrageous injustice or a spilled coffee, sometimes we can’t help but get angry. But what can we do about it at work? And is it ever justified to let it out? Join the discussion about anger – where candid stories are shared as well as tips and tricks for coping when anger takes over.

  • Pain Points: Becoming a Manager (Exclusive)

So you’ve made the jump to management. What’s next? Join the team for this week’s episode of Pain Points, where they discuss what it takes to make the transition from competent worker to people manager. Hear the team’s own experiences making this tricky transition and discover their tips for a successful move to management.

  • Pain Points: Delegation (Exclusive)

Delegation is something all managers and leaders need to do. And they need to get it right. So why is it so hard to let go of some tasks? How can you make sure you’re doing it fairly? And how do you ensure they’ll be done well? This episode of Pain Points covers the difficulties of delegation – and how you can get it right.

  • Pain Points: Distractions (Exclusive)

Do you get easily distracted at work? From our cell phones to house chores, there are so many things demanding our attention. And with home working on the rise, there are more tempting distractions than ever before.

From Candy Crush to washing the dishes, there are so many things demanding our attention that it can be easy to get… well, distracted. 


But how can you stop distractions from getting in the way at work? Join the Pain Points team this week as they try to stay focused and discuss distractions – how to master your attention and why maybe distractions aren’t always a bad thing. 

  • Pain Points: Flexible Work Schedules (Exclusive)

Millions of us now have options for flexible working. But how do you decide on the approach that’s right for you and your family, at different times in your career? What are the secrets to getting the best out of part-time roles, job shares, compressed hours, or working from home? And if you’re a manager, what’s the right way to handle flexible working requests? There are plenty of benefits to flexible working – but also some major barriers to overcome, for you and your team. Listen to stories and strategies from those engaged with flexible working schedules.

  • Pain Points: Memory (Exclusive)

How good is your memory? We use memories for quite literally everything, and a good memory has numerous benefits in the workplace. Listen for ways to improve our memories and gain tips and tricks for improving memory retention.

  • Pain Points: Pressure at Work (Exclusive)

There is a fine line between pressure and stress. One makes you work better, the other stops you in your tracks. So how do you improve your relationship with pressure? How do you get the balance right? And can you really use pressure to help you produce your best work? Listen for thoughts, stories, and favorite tips for converting pressure into productivity.

  • Pain Points: Receiving Feedback (Exclusive)

It’s one thing trying to find the right way to give feedback – it’s a totally different ball game when you’re receiving it. Can you ever take “constructive criticism” in a positive way? And is the “feedback sandwich” ever justified? Good or bad, feedback is essentially about being judged. And it’s something we can’t avoid if we want to get ahead in our careers.

  • Pain Points: Seasonal Stress (Holiday Special) – Coming December 2024


Coming to the collection in 2025

  • Building Better Boundaries

  • Difficult Conversations at Work

  • How Can I Improve My Company Culture?

  • How Do You Connect Hybrid Workers with the Organization?

  • How Do I Balance My Work and My Kids?

  • How Do I Set Goals and Stick To Them?

  • How Do You Collaborate In A Hybrid World?

  • How Do You Manage When People Are Missing From the Team?

  • What Are The Dos and Don’ts of Interviewing People?

  • Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?

  • Why Do I Feel Like an Imposter?


Coming to the collection in 2026

  • How Do I Say No at Work?

  • How Do You Build Trust at Work?

  • Real Life Body Language

  • What Are The Best Ways To Be More Organized?

  • What Is The Problem With Praise?

  • Why Am I Such a Perfectionist?

  • and more coming!

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