Real Life Body Language Audiobook and eBook



While the key to success in both personal and professional relationships lies in our ability to communicate well, it’s not the words that we use but our nonverbal cues or “body language” that speak the loudest.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, when we interact with others, we’re continuously giving and receiving wordless signals. All our nonverbal behaviors—

  • the gestures we make,

  • our posture,

  • our tone of voice,

  • how much eye contact do we make

—send strong messages.

They can put people at ease, build trust, and draw others, or they can offend, confuse, and undermine what we’re trying to convey. These messages don’t stop when we stop speaking either. Even when we’re silent, we’re still communicating nonverbally.

By improving how we understand and use nonverbal communication, we can express what we really mean, connect better with others, and build stronger, more rewarding relationships.

This audiobook is part of the CFTEA Global Skills Workplace Library.


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