Building Confidence and Assertiveness Audiobook



Strengthening our self-confidence is a powerful step in shaping our lives and creating future success. The ability to be confident and assertive are crucial skills for personal development, displaying authority in business, and promoting equality throughout interactions.


Essentially, these skills have a significant influence on building a happy life. Through effective communication, visualization, and resiliency, we can learn to be confident and project an image of confidence to others. When stressful or difficult situations arise, we have the ability to control our own responses and how we choose to move forward.


This audiobook is part of the CFTEA Global Workplace Skills Library. Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes. Audiobook is delivered in M4A format and downloaded through a secure login at CFTEA Workplace.


To continue building strong communication skills in the workplace see our full interactive course – Assertiveness Skills. Receive $15 back on this companion audiobook purchase when enrolling in the Assertiveness Skills course.


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