Transforming Key Areas of Your Life Audiobook and eBook



Many people want to improve some area of their lives. Others would rather transform their lives by causing significant, lasting changes.

Either way, making changes means committing to ‘doing the work’. Transforming your daily life requires going beyond the way you live and changing how you live. You do this by reflecting on your mindset and behaviors. You use them to improve some of what’s taking place within you and in your daily life, to co-create what you truly desire, and live differently.

The transformation process starts from within and results in the opportunity for significant changes in you and how you interact with the world. When you change, your life will also change. Your better life has the potential to be your best life, touching on what you have only dreamed was possible. If you’re going through a major task or several obstacles in your life, they may seem to go on permanently, but as day always follows evening, so too your changes will overcome your obstacles.

Transforming your daily life can be challenging, yet at the same time – inspiring and rewarding. If you want to enhance your life, then take action today to transform key areas of your life for a better tomorrow.

This audiobook is part of the CFTEA Global Workplace Skills Library. Duration: 40 minutes. Audiobook is delivered in Mp3 format and downloaded through a secure login at CFTEA Workplace. An eBook is included for your reference.

To boost your confidence and happiness see our full interactive course and reflective workbook – Transforming Key Areas of Your Life. Receive $15 back on this companion audiobook purchase when enrolling in the Transforming Key Areas of Your Life course.

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