Managers as Leaders – Leading from the Middle

Managers as Leaders – Leading from the Middle – Course Code C5079L


Today’s companies need effective leaders at every level and in every location to deliver on results.  CEOs can’t do it on their own.  They need more fully performing leaders than ever before.  Developing people must be embedded in the company’s culture and is integral to its growth.  Companies must invest in learning and development each year.
– Chief Executive Magazine


Mid-level managers may have the toughest job in business, They’re required to work within financial parameters they mostly cannot set; they have to manage their human resources within the bounds of policies and procedures established by those higher up; and they have very little ability to command help or cooperation from outside their departments or functions.


Within those limits, middle managers are expected to oversee the bulk of an organization’s day- to-day work, deliver continuous improvement, make their bosses look good and find ways to undertake challenging assignments to prove their mettle for promotion. High productivity but low power. And the career success of many managers will hinge on their ability to develop their leadership skills, their ability to lead their units, branches or departments.


What is the difference between a leader and a manager? What are the attributes, qualities and skills needed to perform each role? Did you know that one side of our brain is more conducive to managing, while the other is our leading side? How well do you understand the people around you? Why emotional intelligence matters so much.


Leading From the Middle…Managers As Leaders will not only explore the answers to these vital, career-enhancing questions, but will offer pragmatic advice and tips such as:


A unique, uplifting workshop, Leading From the Middle…Managers as Leaders is a timely, practical, immediately-useful professional development program designed specifically for those across the spectrum of middle-management and supervisory positions in financial institutions, since leadership today cannot be confined to those at the very top of any enterprise.

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