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Certified Modern Manager – Course Code C5090SP

Managers face new challenges in today’s business world. The Modern Manager (MMC) covers new material from Harvard and M.I.T. educators that allows managers to provide a measurement of their knowledge and skill to enhance their career development. These courses are delivered online in a self-paced format.

For additional information for new managers, see The Effective Manager’s Toolbox through the CFTEA office.

Course Requirements:

Managing a Modern Organization (2019)
Consider the fundamentals of management and how managers can be effective in organizational settings and seeks to help you identify your management style..

Body Language for Leaders (2019)
Many leaders focus on their words, ignoring the impact of their nonverbal cues, facial expressions and movements. By understanding the impact, leaders can learn how to communicate in a way that builds and sustains positive relationships with employees, clients and business partners

A Manager’s Guide to Information Technology (2019)
Develop a solid understanding of the basic concepts and technologies that are encountered in the information technology field, such as big data cloud implementations and mobile computing with real- world cases.

Security Awareness (2019)
Identify and prevent security breaches before they happen. This security refresher from Harvard has the latest information to empower employees to recognize and respond to attempted security attacks.

A Manager’s Guide to Superior Customer Service (2019)
Explore the art and science of developing a superior customer experience culture.

Business Ethics in the 21st Century (2019)
Ethical decisions in business are everywhere in today’s world. Daily, managers and leaders are faced with choices that could negatively impact their brand image and reputation as well as have legal implications. Managers can establish and encourage an ethical culture while monitor compliance.

A Manager’s Guide to Time Management (2019)
One of the more precious resources a manager has is time. Examine effective structures to help managers reach their goals and reveal any weaknesses in your time management habits.

Emotional Intelligence for Managers (2019)
Review underlying concepts of emotional intelligence and explore how managers can improve to make use of their Emotional Intelligence (EI) for effective outcomes with subordinates, colleagues and company executives.

Leading and Managing Change (2019)
Whether adopting a new technology or adapting to a drastic shift in an organization’s core focus, change is a constant in any successful business. Managers play a fundamental role in successful, effective changes across an organization. Learn how to overcome resistance and successful lead change at various levels of an organization.

Introduction to Negotiations (2019)
Negotiations are an integral part of our lives, techniques for managing these situations are not instinctive, they must be learned. Experience negotiators make a conscious decision about what type of negotiation strategy to use based on a number of factors to find the greatest success in our modern world.

Managing Remote Teams (2019)

The workforce is changing rapidly. An increasing number of employees work offsite, by choice (theirs or their employer’s) or by necessity. A few years ago, 34 million Americans worked remotely at least occasionally, and that number is expected to jump to 63 million by the middle of this decade.  Some of your employees may work at home, in close proximity to the onsite team. Others may be scattered around the country or the globe. Given the increasingly global nature of today’s organizations—as well as improvements in technology that facilitate virtual collaboration and a workforce that insists on more flexibility and independence—this trend is likely to keep gaining momentum.

By improving your ability to manage offsite employees, you will empower yourself in many ways. You will increase your ability to recruit, hire, and retain the right employees for a job. You will help ensure that your team is cohesive and productive. You will know how to avoid costly, time-consuming problems and help your team meet its goals. As Dave Ross, co-founder of workplace solutions firm The Vaya Group, explains, skillful managers of remote employees “can build camaraderie, create a more positive work environment, and encourage stronger business performance regardless of distance.”

Course Objectives

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

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