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Spotlight On Success: Tim McDaniel

  Spotlight On Success: Tim McDaniel TowneBank Loan Coordinator This is what Tim had to say about his CFTEA experience: “I love learning! I enjoy the wide selection of classes that CFTEA offers with flexible schedules. I believe that a continued education doesn’t stop at the university, but lasts a lifetime. A continued education is important and leads to other positive outcomes in life. So far I’ve learned about effective telephone communication and the fundamentals of leadership. I’ve also taken


Discover Instructor Led Online Webcourses – Spring 2020

Discover new courses, updated materials and special pricing for Spring 2020 Instructor Led Online Webcourses.  Plan ahead to unlock your career potential and boost your industry knowledge as a professional. January 2020 (enroll early!) 1/14 -Residential Mortgage Lending—Updated Textbook! 1/20—Accounting—Special Discount of $100! 1/29—Make Safe Deposit Boxes a Profit Center—Discounted Live and Recorded Rate! 1/30—Commercial Lending February 2020 2/13—Top 50 Important Operating Procedures for Safe Deposit Boxes—Discounted Live and Recorded Rate! March 2020 3/4—Quality Service (part of Certified Modern Banking


Instructor Spotlight: Judy Barrett

Instructor Spotlight: Judy Barrett TowneBank Instructor with CFTEA for 10+ years We interviewed Judy about teaching for CFTEA and these were some of her thoughts on her experience on how she has benefited: “I have met many people that I wouldn’t have otherwise met both at my bank and other banks. It is nice to talk with individuals regarding their dreams and where they see themselves in the future. I have had several students tell me that they have made


Spotlight on Success: Kimberly Ferebee from TowneBank

Spotlight On Success:  Kimberly Ferebee TowneBank Kimberly is working as a Member Service Specialist at TowneBank in Virginia since 2004. This is what she had to say about her experience taking courses from CFTEA: “I started working in the banking industry in 2004. At the time, I knew nothing about banking. However, when I started, one of the required courses that each teller must take was CFTEA’s Principles of Banking and Law and Banking (now Legal Foundations in Banking). After


Instructor Spotlight: Jodi Robinson

Instructor Spotlight: Jodi Robinson Kennebunk Savings Instructor with CFTEA for 10+ years We interviewed Jodi about teaching for CFTEA and these were some of her thoughts on her experience: “As a CFTEA instructor, I feel like I learn just as much from the students as the students learn from me. So not only am I teaching, but I am also learning every time I instruct a class. Often times I feel like I am more of a facilitator than an


Spotlight On Success: Dawn Larrabee

Spotlight on Success: Dawn Larrabee Katahdin Trust Dawn Larrabee works with Katahdin Trust Company as an Accounting Assistant. A recent graduate of our Verbal Communications Course, this is what she had to say about her experience with CFTEA: “In order for me to progress in my career, I had to go outside of my comfort zone and tackle this course head on. I wanted to strengthen myself as a professional in the banking industry, and in general. Verbal Communications is


Spotlight On Success: Zachary Young

Spotlight On Success: Zachary Young Septic Designs of NH CFTEA courses aren’t just for Financial Institutions. Our courses are convenient, affordable and industry fluid. As a Septic Inspector for nearly 3 years, Zachary was looking for courses to help him speak with confidence when talking with clients. This is what Zach had to say about taking our FREE Speak With Confidence Course powered by MindEdge: ” As someone who is really busy being able to take a class that was


Instructor Spotlight On Success: Lisa Holt

Instructor Spotlight: Lisa Holt Partners Bank Instructor with CFTEA for 5+ years We interviewed Lisa about teaching for CFTEA and these were some of her thoughts on her experience: “I have loved being an instructor for CFTEA and to have the opportunity to interact with colleagues in a different way. I can use my teaching opportunities to help maintain my teacher certifications as well and make sure that I stay up to date on my teaching strategies with adult learners.


Spotlight On Success: Michael Shoykhet

  Michael Shoykhet Consumer Loan Underwriter Infinity Federal Credit Union Michael is currently in Consumer Loan Underwriting at Infinity Federal Credit Union. Currently he is taking CFTEA’s Analyzing Financial Statements course. This is what he had to say about why he decided to choose CFTEA: “I’m career minded in a lot of respects. Taking classes through the CFTEA allows me to develop new skill sets so I can be more valuable as an employee and positions me well to step


Recognition: Leaving a Legacy – Alie DiCarlo of Saco and Biddeford Savings Institution

Recognition: Leaving a Legacy Award – Alie DiCarlo from Saco and Biddeford Savings Institution Over the years, CFTEA has actively been supported by key contributors in learning and development. Their engagement and leadership have provided the vision in shaping our non-profit as well as providing dedication to workforce development. This year we recognize Alie DiCarlo for her life-long service in learning and development! Her key contributions, thoughtful directions and passion for supporting students across multiple states to reach their career goals

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