Regional Advisory Council Spotlight: Steven Richardson
Director of Learning and Development
Kennebec Savings Bank


A huge welcome to our newest council member, Steven! CFTEA Regional Advisory Council members provide key insights into the needs of the community and provide professional expertise with diverse perspectives. They are truly CFTEA champions! Council members are always invited as observers to board meetings and may look to become board members.

What does Steven believe about joining as a new council member? “Down to my very being, I believe in CFTEA and the positive impact it can make on those utilizing it. Career development, personal enrichment, and the opportunity to connect with others in the industry are just three ways CFTEA touches the lives of participants. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

“I started my journey with CFTEA in September 1993 when I took my first class (Principles of Banking) and was immediately hooked. Twenty-one completed CFTEA courses later as well as facilitating numerous classroom topics as an instructor and I believe CFTEA offers an educational experience to folks in the banking industry that is unmatched. While the material is top-notch, the connections you make along the way with other students and instructors in invaluable.”

Council members provide a strong voice to CFTEA with learning on all sides as opportunities and challenges are discussed and appreciated. We so value adding the voice of Kennebec Savings Bank and Steven to the community! Welcome aboard!

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