Regional Community Advisory Council Spotlight: Erica Antonucci, Assistant Branch Administrator
Union Bank

A huge welcome to our newest council member, Erica! CFTEA Regional Advisory Council members provide key insights into the needs of the community and provide professional expertise with diverse perspectives. They are truly CFTEA champions! Council members are always invited as observers to board meetings and may advance to become board members.

What does Erica believe about returning as a council member? “I have been a council member for CFTEA and an instructor previously and have always enjoyed the networking, collaboration, and opportunities CFTEA offers. I highly recommend CFTEA as a career development partner because there are a variety of courses, certificates, and diplomas along with a variety of ways to access these. CFTEA offers online guided learning, instructor-led online, self-paced, and live classes, which allows people to choose the best way for them to access the information.


CFTEA allows the participants to have flexibility, which is imperative to being successful. Many of the participants are full-time employees who have other responsibilities outside of their workplace. CFTEA offers so many different options for participants so that they are able to complete the certificate, course, and diploma on their time, learning their way. I am looking forward to the relationships and connections I develop with new and former colleagues.


The most rewarding part of being a council member is the relationships and connections I will make networking with new and former colleagues.”

Council members provide a strong voice to CFTEA with learning on all sides as opportunities and challenges are discussed and appreciated. We so value adding the voice of Union Bank and Erica to the community! Welcome aboard!


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