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Spotlight On Success: Taber Ashley

Spotlight On Success: Taber E Ashley Union Bank Taber received a Bachelor of Science in Business Studies in Management with a concentration in Human Resources and a minor in Economics. She is currently enrolled in “Today’s Workplace” offered by CFTEA and is always up for more opportunities when it comes to learning. Here is what she said about her CFTEA experience: “When I started at [Union Bank], a few of my co-workers were enrolled in classes with CFTEA, so I


Spotlight On CFTEA’s Council: Beth Martin

Spotlight On CFTEA’s Council Beth Martin Community National Bank “I’ve always been interested in continuing education and working with CFTEA is great opportunity to learn more and to share these opportunities with others within my organization. I would recommend someone becoming a council member because it is a great learning and networking opportunity. The most rewarding part of being a council member is being able to learn from other members. I also enjoy the leadership training.”


CFTEA Board Spotlight: Margaret Collamorecampbell

  Spotlight On The Board: Margaret Collamorecampbell Margaret has been an active partner of CFTEA for 25 years, working her way up from a student, then a council member, board member and serving on the executive committee. Something she has achieved working with CFTEA is that she is most proud of is serving as president of the board in 2014 for several terms. This is what she had to say about the rewards of working with CFTEA: “The biggest reward


Spotlight On CFTEA’s Board: Judy Folsom

  Spotlight On CFTEA Board Judy Folsom Bar Harbor Bank and Trust From my memory, I decided to start teaching Principles of Banking and Law & Banking at my bank and became involved with CFTEA as an instructor and then went on the board. The most rewarding part of being on the board has been amazing to watch Andrew lead CFTEA to a more professional organization and take it to the next level. The most challenging part of being on


Spotlight On Success: Shannon Hemingway

Shannon Hemingway Claremont Savings Bank Heres what Shannon had to say about her CFTEA experience: A great benefit provided to us by Claremont Savings Bank and CFTEA is that they offer a large variety of classes. I wanted to take advantage of the educational opportunities given to me to help further my career. I have taken an array of different types of courses that have all attributed to my current knowledge, not only banking, but also in overall professional development.


Spotlight On Success: Lindsay Jones

  Spotlight On Success: Lindsay Jones Bath Savings Institution Every course I have taken through CFTEA has benefited me in some way, not just at work, also in my personal life. I have gained tremendous knowledge which supports the work I do. I feel I have a deeper understanding of interest rates, payment allocation and most importantly team work. Through the communication courses I have taken I have a better understanding of how to speak with confidence and how to


Spotlight On CFTEA’s Board: Marcia Benner

Spotlight On Success: Marcia Benner Darimascotta Savings Bank   I became a board member for CFTEA because education and career advancement is something that I am a huge supporter of. Being able to combine this passion with my banking experience by joining CFTEA had me at “hello”! The most rewarding part of being a board member is meeting and connecting with new people through my membership on the Board that I would have most likely not otherwise! I would recommend


Spotlight On Success: Emily LeClair

Spotlight On Success Emily LeClair Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank   “I have benefited greatly from my current course with CFTEA. I came into my position not knowing much of Commercial Lending, but by taking courses that are specific to my position, I have been able to apply what I’ve learned to what I do day to day. I don’t think I can name just one thing about what I’m learning that has helped me in my day-to-day. All that I


Spotlight on CFTEA Board Member: Krystal Boivin

Krystal Boivin Claremont Savings Bank I started out as a council member and was soon asked to join the board. CFTEA has personally helped my professional development over the last 14 years, and I am passionate about providing the same opportunity to others. Currently serving as the secretary of the executive committee, the most rewarding thing about being on the board is manifesting the transition of ideas into reality. One of the challenges I face being on the board is

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