Spotlight on Success: Jess Russell
Union Bank

Jess started her banking career after graduating high school and is currently serving as the Groveton, NH Branch Manager. As a community bank invested in its employees, Union Bank offers the CFTEA course catalog, along with opportunities for growth into other departments that include support as employees grow into their new positions and career paths.

Throughout her career, Jess noted two important classes that have had the greatest impact on her career. “Legal Foundations in Banking (formerly Law and Banking) and Principles of Banking because they explain the different rules and regulations that banks must follow. As the type of person that likes to know why something is done – these were a perfect choice. They gave me that much-needed foundation for a better understanding of concepts and tasks and how I fit into them within my role.”

And the courses have increased more than her knowledge. “Through the courses, I have taken, I have built my confidence. Feeling competent because of my knowledge and training makes me feel secure that I am doing things currently which in turn builds up my confidence.”

As Jess has worked with CFTEA, she addressed a critical part of the experience. “I have always really appreciated how flexible the courses are. I like that there are different options to have an instructor or to do a course through Guided Learning or Self-Paced Online or In-person. The flexibility has been helpful for me because I live in an area that can be challenging to accommodate traveling to an in-person course due to distance and/or weather – so flexible options are great for me!”

Reflecting on her own experience, Jess had this insightful advice for those that haven’t taken a CFTEA course before or lately. “I would ask them what kind of skills they were interested in building on or where they were interested in going with their career. As a manager, I would sit down with them and go over course options to help them build those skills and improve in areas necessary for their intended career path.” Setting an excellent example as a manager actively engaged in developing the team, Jess outlines the flexibility of the options as well as the self-motivation required to complete them in a timely manner.

What’s next for Jess? “My next step is to finish up the Certified Modern Branch Professional. After that, I plan to investigate more of the managing and supervisor courses to continue developing my leadership as a manager.”

Thank you to Jess for sharing the story of her continued career growth! CFTEA looks forward to awarding your certification soon.

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