Spotlight on Success: Dustin Gile, Northfield Savings Bank

Dustin works as a Mortgage Closing Administrator II at Northfield Savings Bank and started his banking career in 2012. As a community bank, Dustin said, “Northfield Savings Bank supports my growth and that of all employees. They offer multiple opportunities to expand your knowledge and one the biggest is the availability to take CFTEA courses. NSB makes it very easy to sign up for courses. The CFTEA courses, certificates, and diplomas I have received so far have benefited me greatly in my career. I understand more of what is expected of me to do my job effectively because I have the resources and understand regulatory requirements. I have had a couple of different jobs in my banking career and I have always been able to find a course or certificate and diploma that has been able to expand my knowledge of what the job entails and how it connects to others in my organization and that makes me feel more confident.”

“I believe the Residential Loan Processing Certificate was very insightful. I learned quite a bit about the other elements of the loan process and that helped me understand the full process and requirements. By having that knowledge I could better help a borrower with questions and concerns that they may have and make their experience a pleasant one.”

What courses did Dustin believe have had the greatest impact on his career? “Legal Foundations in Banking, Preparing the Closing Disclosure, and Residential Mortgage Lending. Since my job requires me to prepare the closing disclosure these courses have greatly helped with making sure that I meet the timeline for the closing disclosure delivery and allowed changes. Knowing the requirements and staying up to date on all the different regulations helps with making sure the documents are sent and received on time.”

If someone hasn’t taken a CFTEA course or hasn’t taken one in a while, what advice would Dustin offer? “I would tell them to take some classes if they have the opportunity. Even if you don’t want to work toward a certificate or diploma you can still take individual classes. CFTEA offers such a wide selection and covers all banking areas that you will find a class that will help you no matter what your job is.”

A huge congratulations to you, Dustin, on completing your Residential Loan Processing Certificate and your continued involvement with CFTEA! If anyone is unsure where to start – feel free to reach out to our office for guidance or use our Career Path page to review recommendations for almost forty careers at financial institutions!

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