Economics (ABA)

ECONOMICS (ABA) – Course Code A1051GL

This program introduces you to the fundamental principles of economics. Special emphasis is placed on macroeconomics and topics of importance to you as a banker. The course covers the basics of economic theory and includes examples of the application of economics to banking.

Bank personnel who have not had a formal course in Economics and wish to increase their understanding of economics as it relates to banking.

After successfully completing this program, you will be able to:
• Understand the meaning of economic terminology and the discipline of economic reasoning
• Follow economic news and analyze important economic questions
• Locate and obtain economic data and information and use it to examine contemporary economic issues
• Apply economic principles to important questions in the financial services industry
• Use basic graphing and graph interpretation skills to examine economic questions
• Understand the major economic policy problems faced by government: economic growth, unemployment, inflation, and budget deficits and debt
• Understand the aggregate demand/aggregate supply model and its importance in examining major economic policy problems
• Recognize major economic policy controversies and the various schools of thought associated with them



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