Commercial Portfolio Manager Certificate

Become a confident and skilled commercial loan portfolio manager with this comprehensive certificate program.

This certificate equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively manage a portfolio of commercial loans. Through a series of engaging courses, you’ll gain a strong foundation in financial analysis, credit risk assessment, commercial lending practices, and regulatory compliance. Just starting in this role? Check out the Commercial Loan Assistant Certificate and the Commercial Loan Assistant Diploma for other great foundational support in this career. 


Benefits of Earning Your Certificate:

This program is ideal for:

Take your career in commercial banking to the next level. Enroll in a course today to start on your certificate!


Select from the following formats (click blue checkmarks) to gain course information and pricing.  Courses may be taught in-house or live based on requests to the CFTEA office.

Required Courses

Instructor Led Online

Guided Learning

Self Paced


  • Analyzing Business Financial Statements & Tax Returns

  • Analyzing Personal Financial Statements & Tax Returns

  • Commercial Lending

  • Commercial Risk Areas

  • Law for Small Businesses

  • Listening with Intent, Mastering the Skill of Active Listening

  • Managing Your Time at Work

  • Money and Banking


  • Principles of Banking

  • Safeguarding Customer Information and Secure Areas



  • Understanding Business Borrowers




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