When it comes to the workplace, they are undeniably important. Meetings are where new ideas are born, special projects are assigned, and a lot of politics and power dynamics play out. If you are low in the pecking order meetings can be a place where you are disrespected, interrupted, ignored, or even have your ideas stolen. Research has found that this happens to women, people of color,  and marginalized workers a LOT.

On a more practical note, being heard is key to everything. If nobody hears your ideas, how are you going to get those ideas off the ground? How will people know you have awesome ideas and give you a promotion? In all these areas, it is a struggle. It is estimated that Fortune 500 companies waste 75 million dollars per year in unproductive meeting time. The good news? Most of the factors that disrupt productivity are under the control of meeting attendees.

When a meeting is necessary, what can be done to ensure that all are heard and it is productive time well spent? Our course – Meetings That Work along with Minute Minutes That Matter are a great opportunity to ensure everyone’s awesome ideas are heard!



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