Are you struggling, surviving, or thriving in your career? It is estimated that two-thirds of people are struggling or surviving in their careers.

It is important to ask the question – do you like what you do every day?

When we think of our health and wellness, our minds automatically go to eating right and exercising. Conventional worksite wellness programs follow this ideology by solely focusing on our physical health with gym reimbursement programs, fruit and vegetable challenges, or step-tracking programs.

The reality is our well-being is much more complex than what lies within the physical dimension. In addition to physical wellness, our overall well-being is made up of five additional areas: career, social, financial, emotional, and community.

When you think about it, this makes sense. We spend the majority of our waking hours at work. Our vocation is tightly interwoven with how we see ourselves. When we introduce ourselves to someone new, it’s the first detail we share to give strangers a sense of who we are. And in the end, when things aren’t right at work, it’s difficult for things to feel right in the rest of our lives.

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