As an impact-driven organization, CFTEA seeks to provide cost-effective and powerful student experiences that enhance career development in organizations and the community. In our rapidly cost-rising economy, there have been no price increases or additional shipping charges in the last four years! Through a pandemic and with the high risk of a recession, this advantage is key for organizations that are supporting community employees and their development.

In 2022, CFTEA has provided courses for free, -in-kind donations, and discounts equaling over $9,000. Now that is an impact on organizations and students using CFTEA within your community. This number does not include the discount on all tuition afforded to students joining St. Joseph’s College due to their partnership with CFTEA which would raise that number considerably. In the continued drive to support career development in key areas, the following courses are offered at no charge, and some connect to certificates and certifications. Each course would cost $79 per student, however as part of our annual ‘giving back’ initiative these courses have been made available without a cost.




  • Veterans Career Advantage – Whether transitioning from a long career within the military, a veteran making a career change, or building skills. How can a lifetime of development be translated into a specific skillset for civilian employment? This course allows students to hear directly from other veterans about their own experiences along the way.


Our highly engaged board of directors is proud of the community support that makes CFTEA more than just another training option.

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