Residential Mortgage Lending


This Residential Mortgage Lending training course covers construction and permanent financing for residential property; real estate law; documentation;  mortgage loan servicing; the secondary mortgage market; the role of government in mortgage lending; and residential real estate as an investment. The discussion of underwriting, processing, and servicing will give participants a framework for learning the mortgage lending business and refining their existing knowledge. Additionally, the coverage of laws and regulations affecting mortgage lending provide an understanding of mortgage lending’s history and a glimpse into its future.

Topics include:

Mortgage Lending Overview

Mortgage Lending Process

Financial Instruments

Conventional Loans / Financing

Government Loan Programs

Nontraditional / Nonconforming Loans & Financing

Federal Financial Disclosure Laws

Federal Privacy Protection and Consumer Identification Laws

Federal Prohibition of Predatory Lending

The SAFE Act

Ethics in Mortgage Lending

Uniform State Test

Selected Consumer Protection Regulations

Financials and Calculations Review

The Successful Mortgage Loan Closing


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