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CourseCodeFormatDate TimeDurationLocationInstructorCredits / PDUPricehf:tax:formathf:tax:locationhf:tax:instructor
Certificate in Online Learning (MindEdge)M4001SPSelf Paced22 hoursOnline1$499.00self-pacedonline
MicroLearning Focused on Practice and ApplicationL4002ODOn Demand1 hourDiane E.1/4$55.00on-demanddiane-e
Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT)L4003ODOn Demand08/01/20196 hoursAndrew L.1/2$399.00on-demandandrew-l
Skills and Tips for Running a Successful WebcourseC4007ODWebcourseCall to Schedule1 hourAndrew L.1/4$55.00webcourseandrew-l
Teaching AdultsC4005LLive10/24/2019 9:00am - Noonhalf dayMaine, New GloucesterJay H.1/4$200.00livemaine new-gloucesterjay-h
Your Role As A FacilitatorC4006LLiveCall to Schedule 9:00am-Noonhalf dayAndrew L.1/4$200.00liveandrew-l
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