Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT) – Bundled with Exam


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The Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT®) training and certification program prepares instructors at all levels of experience for all aspects of delivering a course using the latest training technologies and approaches.


Facilitating a course in the modern classroom can be an intimidating prospect for those who have never taught before. Even if you have taught before, facilitating a course that involves the use of technology for delivery can be a complex and daunting task.  This course will help you prepare for all aspects of delivering in the modern classroom, including the art of facilitating a learning event, class preparation techniques, course delivery in various modes including asynchronous and virtual delivery, and troubleshooting the technology required in the modern classroom.


Lesson 1: Introducing the Modern Classroom
Topic A: Delivery Modalities
Topic B: Snapshot of Classroom Environments


Lesson 2: Facilitating a Learning Event
Topic A: Initiate a Class
Topic B: Manage Learners
Topic C: Finalize a Class


Lesson 3: Delivering a Modern Training Event
Topic A: Conduct a Modern Class
Topic B: Conduct a Face-to-Face Class
Topic C: Conduct a Remote Synchronous Class
Topic D: Conduct a Mixed Class
Topic E: Conduct an Asynchronous Class


Lesson 4: Preparing for Delivery
Topic A: Prepare Content for Delivery
Topic B: Plan for Event Delivery
Topic C: Set Up the Classroom


Lesson 5: Troubleshooting the Modern Classroom
Topic A: Resolve Common Technical Problems
Topic B: Resolve Virtual Classroom-Specific Issues
Topic C: Prepare for Potential Facility-Related Issues


CFTEA Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT2015) Exam MCC-110


Exam Information

Exam Prerequisite
In addition to meeting the candidate-eligibility requirements for the MCC-110 exam, candidates should have some previous experience training adult learners in the use of software applications or in other computing or information technology subjects.


Exam Specification
Item Formats: Multiple Choice/Multiple Response/True-False


Exam Description
Target Candidate:
This exam is designed for training professionals who teach CFTEA courses in a variety of live, virtual, and blended environments.  CFTEA Exam Policy Copyright © 2021 by CFTEA. All rights reserved. This Policy is subject to change without notice.

Domain % of Examination
1.0 Identifying How People Learn 9%
2.0 Preparing for Class 13%
3.0 Delivering a Course 22%
4.0 Evaluating Instructional Effectiveness 13%
5.0 Instructing at a Distance 22%
6.0 Instructing Asynchronously 9%
7.0 Developing as a Trainer 12%
Total 100%


Domain 1: Identifying How People Learn
– Explain the General Underlying Principles of Learning Theories and Models
– Identify Components of Effective Technical Training


Domain 2: Preparing for Class
– Prepare the Learning Environment
– Navigate and use Courseware Components
– Make the Course Your Own


Domain 3: Delivering a Course
– Present Course Content
– Manage the Learning Environment
– Communicate Effectively
– Manage Questions and Answers
– Enhance the Classroom Experience with Graphics and Multimedia


Domain 4: Evaluating Instructional Effectiveness
– Obtain Course Feedback
– Evaluate Student Learning
– Support Job Performance


Domain 5: Instructing at a Distance
– Identify Software Requirements for Distance Learning
– Identify Hardware Requirements for Distance Learning
– Identify the Benefits and Challenges of Distance Learning
– Make Pre-class Arrangements
– Deliver a Distance Learning Course


Domain 6: Instructing Asynchronously
– Prepare for Asynchronous Learning
– Facilitate Asynchronous Learning


Domain 7: Developing as a Trainer
– Stay Fresh
– Grow Your Career
– Sharpen Your Skills



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