Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT) – Bundled with Exam


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The Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT®) training and certification program prepares instructors at all levels of experience for all aspects of delivering a course using the latest training technologies and approaches.


Facilitating a course in the modern classroom can be an intimidating prospect for those who have never taught before. Even if you have taught before, facilitating a course that involves the use of technology for delivery can be a complex and daunting task.  This course will help you prepare for all aspects of delivering in the modern classroom, including the art of facilitating a learning event, class preparation techniques, course delivery in various modes including asynchronous and virtual delivery, and troubleshooting the technology required in the modern classroom.


This course also covers the objectives to help students prepare for the Logical Operations Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT) Exam MCC-110.

Lesson 1: Introducing the Modern Classroom
Topic A: Delivery Modalities
Topic B: Snapshot of Classroom Environments


Lesson 2: Facilitating a Learning Event
Topic A: Initiate a Class
Topic B: Manage Learners
Topic C: Finalize a Class


Lesson 3: Delivering a Modern Training Event
Topic A: Conduct a Modern Class
Topic B: Conduct a Face-to-Face Class
Topic C: Conduct a Remote Synchronous Class
Topic D: Conduct a Mixed Class
Topic E: Conduct an Asynchronous Class


Lesson 4: Preparing for Delivery
Topic A: Prepare Content for Delivery
Topic B: Plan for Event Delivery
Topic C: Set Up the Classroom


Lesson 5: Troubleshooting the Modern Classroom
Topic A: Resolve Common Technical Problems
Topic B: Resolve Virtual Classroom-Specific Issues
Topic C: Prepare for Potential Facility-Related Issues


CFTEA Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT2015) Exam MCC-110


Exam Information

Candidate Eligibility:
In order to take Logical Operations’ Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT2015) exam, candidates must complete this online course. Candidates must complete all asynchronous coursework assigned during the workshop and be approved to take the MCCT2015 exam by CFTEA’s Executive Director.


Exam Prerequisite
In addition to meeting the candidate-eligibility requirements for the MCCT2015 exam, candidates should have some previous experience training adult learners in the use of software applications or in other computing or information technology subjects.


Exam Specification
Number of Items: 46 Duration: 75 minutes Exam Options: Online (Castle Worldwide)
Item Formats: Multiple Choice/Multiple Response/True-False


Exam Description
Target Candidate:
This exam is designed for training professionals who teach CFTEA courses in a variety of live, virtual, and blended environments.  CFTEA Exam Policy Copyright © 2020 by CFTEA. All rights reserved. This Policy is subject to change without notice.

Domain % of Examination
1.0 Identifying How People Learn 9%
2.0 Preparing for Class 13%
3.0 Delivering a Course 22%
4.0 Evaluating Instructional Effectiveness 13%
5.0 Instructing at a Distance 22%
6.0 Instructing Asynchronously 9%
7.0 Developing as a Trainer 12%
Total 100%


Domain 1: Identifying How People Learn
– Explain the General Underlying Principles of Learning Theories and Models
– Identify Components of Effective Technical Training


Domain 2: Preparing for Class
– Prepare the Learning Environment
– Navigate and use Courseware Components
– Make the Course Your Own


Domain 3: Delivering a Course
– Present Course Content
– Manage the Learning Environment
– Communicate Effectively
– Manage Questions and Answers
– Enhance the Classroom Experience with Graphics and Multimedia


Domain 4: Evaluating Instructional Effectiveness
– Obtain Course Feedback
– Evaluate Student Learning
– Support Job Performance


Domain 5: Instructing at a Distance
– Identify Software Requirements for Distance Learning
– Identify Hardware Requirements for Distance Learning
– Identify the Benefits and Challenges of Distance Learning
– Make Pre-class Arrangements
– Deliver a Distance Learning Course


Domain 6: Instructing Asynchronously
– Prepare for Asynchronous Learning
– Facilitate Asynchronous Learning


Domain 7: Developing as a Trainer
– Stay Fresh
– Grow Your Career
– Sharpen Your Skills


Continuing Education Requirements
While the Modern Classroom Certified Trainer certification does not expire, to ensure that your qualifications remain up-to-date with current trends in instruction and content delivery technology, CFTEA recommends that you retake the Modern Classroom Certified Trainer exam whenever it is updated. CFTEA updates the exam at least every three years.

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