Spotlight on Success: Michele Close
Norway Savings Bank

Michele works as a Cash Management Specialist to organize the setup and servicing of account information and payments for business clients. Her role brings close collaboration with Norway Savings Bank’s commercial, retail, and operations teams to provide training, project support, and service excellence. She started her banking career eight years ago as an Operations/Project Assistant.

As she reflected on the support she has received in continuing education, Michele highlighted this key point from their community bank, “Norway Savings Bank is very supportive of all team members when it comes to growth and professional development. One of our Culture Elements is ‘Hunger for Excellence’ where we are all encouraged to ‘perform at our highest potential’ each day. We pledge to ‘own our professional development’. Within my department, my manager is a wonderful mentor and leader, always getting me to do my best, learn new things, and get me out of my comfort zone. She is always supportive of those tasks and goals I want to take on, such as classes through CFTEA.”

This year Michele completed her Introduction to Leadership Certificate and her General Banking Diploma. Diplomas are focused on a college-level approach to banking. As a busy mom of two small children and a full-time job, how was she able to complete it? “It had been several years since I enrolled in CFTEA courses, and it worked well to incorporate the final two classes needed for my General Banking Diploma into my annual goals. I have learned important skills and gained confidence with each class that I have taken.” What would she say to someone that hasn’t taken CFTEA courses before or lately? “I would encourage anyone to try at least one course. Balancing a family and work, I have found the online and self-paced courses extremely reasonable to be able to complete. You also don’t need to feel like you need to complete all courses for a specific diploma at once. You can really do all of this at your own pace.”

How have her courses specifically impacted her career confidence? “I have learned important skills and built my confidence with each class I have taken through CFTEA. The courses are really geared toward what we do in our everyday jobs, and it is a great sense of accomplishment to be able to utilize what you’re learning. It certainly makes you realize that these courses are worth the time and effort.” Through the self-paced options within the Introduction to Leadership Certificate, “I felt my self-confidence grow as I completed each piece of this certificate and felt like I was able to take what I was learning and apply it to real work and life situations.”

What is next for Michele? “I would like to continue to learn more about Cash Management services and programs and build my knowledge of digital products and services” CFTEA is happy to offer a Cash Management Certificate and Diploma to meet those needs. Congratulations on all your hard work, Michele, and for sharing your professional journey with the support of Norway Savings Bank!



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