Spotlight on Success:  Kari Oliver
Gorham Savings Bank

Kari began her banking career as a teller in 2005 in a branch location, gained more responsibility, and then realized how much she enjoyed the challenges found supporting the branches. Today she works as the Retail Support Specialist at Gorham Savings Bank (GSB) with a focus on collaboration and efficiency.

Reflecting on her CFTEA courses in her career, “Principles of Banking helped me to better understand the banking world, regulations, and in serving customers. Written Communication helped me better communicate with clarity and resolve challenges. The courses I have taken have given me the confidence to better help serve and answer questions without hesitation. That training and confidence helped me get to my current position.”

“GSB is very supportive of my continued growth which helps me to evolve in my role to better help fellow employees. When looking at courses, we look to tie it to my personal and professional growth.”

What about those that haven’t taken a CFTEA course or perhaps haven’t taken one lately? Kari reflected, “I would tell people they should look into the various classes that CFTEA offers as I have found that there are a variety of classes that they might find that are helpful in their evolving career.”  What is the next educational step for her? “In the coming months, I want to start the next class required to complete my Bank Operations Diploma.”

Congratulations Kari for your hard work and continued success! At CFTEA, we look forward to supporting your continued career growth and educational options!



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