Spotlight on Success:  Johnna Gribbin
Union Bank

Johnna is a Residential Loan Closer at Union Bank and has been taking courses since 2017, completing her Bank Operations Diploma and Residential Mortgage Lending Certificate in 2021.  As a community leader, Union Bank actively supports employee growth and development.

Union Bank makes CFTEA courses available to me at no cost.  Having the classes hosted right upstairs makes it easier to want to learn.  There are also other training options available to me and managers and co-workers alike are happy to answer questions and walk me through something I don’t understand.  The more I learn and know, the farther I can grow.

Over her time in banking, Johnna’s career confidence and career growth have been supported through her CFTEA courses.  “It is all about knowledge.  Taking classes and becoming more familiar with the banking world have given me a lot of confidence that I didn’t have when I first started out in banking.  I’ve learned banking terms, laws and regulations, how to communicate in a professional manner as well as a refresher in accounting.  And I would say that the Supervision class I took had the greatest impact.  I learned how to manage people and how to delegate when things are overwhelming.  I also learned how to motivate not only myself but those around me.  Although I am not currently in a management position, I learned what makes a great leader.

Over her time at Union Bank, Johnna has continued to gain greater responsibility and skills in her role.  What advice would she offer to someone that hasn’t taken a CFTEA course or hasn’t taken one lately?  “I would say it can be time-consuming, but it’s worth it.  I’ve learned so much and developed skills I did not have before that have helped me excel not only in my career but also in my personal life.

As Johnna takes her next educational steps in finishing up another degree, she looks forward to focusing on residential lending-specific classes and electives that will help strengthen her skills and confidence.  Looking for what courses those might be?  Our over thirty-five career paths provide direction to start you on your journey!

Congratulations, Johnna on your current success and your career advancement!


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