Spotlight on Success: Jean Moffatt
First National Bank

In April 2001, Jean started her career at the Wiscasset branch of First National Bank. She is currently working as a Senior Banking Consultant. First National Bank not only offers CFTEA courses as opportunities for growth but also makes the process easy and encourages me to take them.

Over the years, Jean has taken several courses. As she looks back at her career, what courses impacted her the most?

“Classes like “A Question of Attitude” and “Dealing with Stress” help me not only at work but in my personal life as well. While there has been a shift to more person-directed courses such as self-paced and Guided Learning, I really miss the interaction and takeaways that I had with in-person classes. But with every course, I feel better about the path my career is taking. I learn new things and what I can be doing better.”

[Note: CFTEA keeps content current. Updates on the classes above are found in our new courses: “Challenging Negative Attitudes” and “Managing Emotions in Times of Stress and Uncertainty” found at]

Reflecting on the pride Jean feels taking full advantage of CFTEA training offered by First National Bank and the advice she would give others about taking courses:

“I am most proud of how far I have come since starting my career. I appreciate all the help CFTEA has given me, especially in becoming an in-branch trainer. I would tell someone – if you plan to continue and make banking a career, start with the basics. Make a plan of what you want to take and ask about the best way to progress. When I think of the CFTEA core value of Trust – it is the one that touches me the most. I’ve taken classes for a long time, and I know I can reach out to Tammy in the CFTEA office at any time, and she is going to do everything to help me. She is the BEST!”

Jean has developed a wealth of knowledge over the years, yet she reflects on her next steps. “I know CFTEA is consistent, easy to use, and available for assistance. As I work on nailing down my next career steps – I know that the Career Paths page on the CFTEA website is so helpful.”

Thank you to Jean for sharing the story of her continued career growth!



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