Spotlight on Success: Erin Newman
Benchmark Community Bank


Congratulations to Erin Newman for earning her Certified Modern Banking Representative and Certified Modern Branch Professional – Level 1 in June. One of these career accomplishments is fantastic. Both in one year is incredible! Erin works at Benchmark Community Bank and started her career in banking at the end of 2015 as a float teller. As a community bank, Benchmark provides an empowering culture. “Benchmark Community Bank has been very supportive of my continued growth. Each class that I have completed has resulted in recognition and praise from my manager and senior management. That makes me feel truly appreciated,” Erin reflected.

And the information contained in these certifications provides key goals for career growth. “The courses that I have taken have truly impacted my career confidence as I speak with individuals with banking questions. I am very pleased with both of my certifications as they also provided me with knowledge and a better understanding of the banking world. In fact, I would have to say that Deposit Accounts and Services as well as Fighting Fraud: Top Scams Targeting Our Nations Seniors were my favorite. They impacted my career approach as I can better understand each account and service that are offered at financial institutions as well as be more aware of protecting our customers from scams that are circulating.” Lifelong education is critical to successful customer service in our communities, organizations, and as professionals.

When reflecting on her positive experience, Erin offered this advice, “I highly recommend for ANYONE to take classes offered by CFTEA if you plan on staying in the banking world. All classes that are provided help you understand our industry, how it works, the services offered, how banking has changed, and what the future will bring.”

One of Erin’s goals is to work on her Universal Banker Diploma in the future. We celebrate Erin’s success and wish her the best in her future goals as she continues working toward supporting her customers and excelling in her career. Congratulations, Erin and Benchmark Community Bank!

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