Spotlight on Success:  Carole Maris

Bath Savings Institution

Carole moved into the accounting department at Bath Savings after time in Loan Servicing. “I’ve always loved working with numbers so, I knew it would be a great move for me. I have loved every minute of it!” As a premier community employer, Bath Savings. continues to support continued employee growth. Carole has expressed great appreciation for the tuition reimbursement offered through work. “My managers sat down with me and made sure I knew all the options available so that I felt I was making the most informed decision.”
Carole is attending St. Joseph’s College of Maine and leveraging the partnership with CFTEA to transfer courses to help her reach her degree. “Being able to move at my own pace or take an accelerated 4-week class with CFTEA has been a lifesaver! Attending college is possible because I can set my own schedule. I am so grateful programs like this exist, I truly would not have been able to accomplish as much as I have, in the time I have while working full-time if it were not for that option.”
How have her courses impacted her? “I feel more comfortable in my abilities than I did before. I think I have gained a lot of confidence through this experience.”
Reflecting on others taking full advantage of CFTEA courses, Carole said, “I would definitely encourage others to take a class or continue taking classes. I will always support and encourage people to further educate themselves. New information is being shared all the time, there is always something to learn, so there really is no downside to continuing your education especially when it is covered by your employer!”
Congratulations on all your hard work, Carole, and we wish you the best in reaching your goals with St. Joseph’s College. We are thrilled to provide opportunities that build career confidence and goals. Impressive organizations, like Bath Savings, that continue to invest in their employees contribute to building strong communities and a supportive culture.
To find out more about our unique partnership with St. Joseph’s College and how CFTEA courses can be transferred into a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Banking Major or taking your Associate Degree and using CFTEA credit to gain your bachelor’s degree visit the Degree area of our website.
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