Spotlight on Success: Amanda Pollard – Retail Training Specialist
Chesapeake Bank

Amanda started as a part-time teller in high school and continued her career development to full-time teller, head teller, customer service associate and retail training specialist.

“I have been taking classes for years to expand my banking education. Chesapeake Bank offers continual learning opportunities. My CFTEA classes were relatable to the job I was in and not just a basic overview of the material. They really related to what I was doing and where I wanted to grow.

The flexible options, such as guided learning and self-paced course, have allowed me to continue my education and still have an expert that can guide me and help me look at the material from a different perspective. The response time has been so quick and has really helped me.

As technology and businesses change, it is important to stay relevant as our fields change on a day-to-day basis. I believe that if we aren’t staying current, we can’t keep customers current with security, regulations and financial education.

Chesapeake Bank managers are really involved and actively coach staff on choosing courses that will help employees understand why things are done the way they are in the banking world. The guidance from managers really gives recommendations for our career advancement and allows us to choose from there. I am so appreciative of the investment in me as an employee.
As I move into my new position, I look forward to getting settled and then plan on taking more classes in the future.”

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