Sneak Peek:  Construction on our new Guided Learning Experience

Over the summer, focused work started to enhance the student experience with our Guided Learning or Assisted Self Study Program as it was formerly called.

Through our new, secure LMS students will have new experiences, such as:

  • A single portal to all assigned courses.
  • Materials in a secure location for easy access.
  • Access to all completed courses with percentages showing how much of the course is left.
  • All assessments will be online and provide instant grading feedback where appropriate.
  • Students earn badges for completed courses.
  • Instructor access to allow for feedback and support.

During the Fall semester, students will be selected to beta test this new process with the goal of all guided learning have the same powerful experience by end of 2020.

This is a bold new step for our non-profit to provide an intentional, powerful portal to support workplace development and the student experience.  Future updates will put companion sites for livestream webcourses, live courses and seminars.  Self-paced online will transition into our new LMS in 2021.


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