Your career is your most valuable financial asset. Not convinced? Take your current or expected salary and multiply it by 40 working years (the length of an average career). Compare that number to all your other assets. Is there anything even close? Probably not. That’s good news as you have a large asset you may not have previously considered!


The better news is that you can take steps to make this asset worth even more. You can make it worth so much more. Since that is the case, what stands in the way? Maybe it’s because they think it requires too much effort or time. Or perhaps they feel comfortable. At times, it just means people are simply lazy. There is an air of “I want it fast and easy” in our culture these days.


Whatever the reason, managing your biggest asset – your career is worth the effort.  What simple tips can be put in motion to put you on the path to career growth, one small step at a time?


  1. Set Up an Expectations Meeting With Your Boss: The only way to achieve “more” is to know what your company and supervisor expect you to deliver in the first place.
  2. Do One Kind Act Per Day: Help out with a project, offer a compliment, give someone a better parking space, remember milestones, stay late to cover for a co-worker with a sick child, and so forth.
  3. Take a Class Each Year Related To Your Current or Desired Job Role: Understand how your role fits into the large organizational picture or industry and stay current.
  4. Work Out Several Times a Week: Those who are healthier tend to earn more while also spending less on health-related costs.
  5. Read a Book (or Listen to One): Pick a book that applies to your job and read – or listen to it a select at least three ideas to implement.
  6. Review Your Methods for Getting Things Done: What is your process for getting essential tasks accomplished with excellence?
  7. Write Down Your Quantifiable Accomplishments Each Month: Having key quantifiable accomplishments written means that won’t be forgotten and can easily be used to update a resume.

That’s it. A simple set of tasks, right? However these tiny steps can get you started on a path to making extra money, so it’s entirely worth it.


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