Spotlight on Success: Michele Close

Spotlight on Success: Michele Close Norway Savings Bank Michele works as a Cash Management Specialist to organize the setup and servicing of account information and payments for business clients. Her role brings close collaboration with Norway Savings Bank’s commercial, retail, and operations teams to provide training, project support, and service excellence. She started her banking career eight years ago as an Operations/Project Assistant. As she reflected on the support she has received in continuing education, Michele highlighted this key point


Learning Statistics

68% of workers consider training and development opportunities an organization’s most important policy. Companies that invest in training have a 24% higher profit margin. Learning and training at a workplace are important to 87% of millennials. Employee retention rate grows by 30–50% at companies with a potent training program. 12% of employees claim they use the knowledge acquired through training to do their job. Ineffective training costs companies $13.5 million per 1000 employees annually. 94% of employees would stick with an organization longer if it invested in their training.


What Is My Why? Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson Northfield Savings Bank   “CFTEA has allowed me to grow in my career and expand my knowledge of banking. I have been able to move up through multiple promotions due to the available training and classes offered through CFTEA. The flexibility of courses offered and how they are conducted allowed me to take necessary classes in multiple different settings, from self-study to online instructor-led to having the class with a live instructor. These selections allowed me to take


Spotlight on Success: Becky Cook

Spotlight on Success; Becky Cook Claremont Savings Bank Becky works as a Commercial Loan Credit Analyst II and was recently appointed as an Officer of the Bank in November 2021. She began her banking career in 2007 during her summer break from college at Boston University. In 2017, Becky made the decision to pursue her Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance. In 2019, she began working at Claremont Savings Bank as a credit analyst in the commercial lending department. As


Announcing: Working Remotely Certificate Bundle

As people suddenly transitioned to remote work, they were bombarded with relevant articles around logistics. Most tips covered questions like: How do I remove distractions while working from home? How do I set up a “work-from-home” station? What’s the etiquette for video calls? Click to discover more about the content of CFTEA’s Working Remotely Certificate Bundle! But as this transition has become the new norm (whether permanently or as a flexible, hybrid option), the focus has shifted. It’s time to get a handle on work-from-home


Small Steps to Take Charge of Your Career Growth

Your career is your most valuable financial asset. Not convinced? Take your current or expected salary and multiply it by 40 working years (the length of an average career). Compare that number to all your other assets. Is there anything even close? Probably not. That’s good news as you have a large asset you may not have previously considered!   The better news is that you can take steps to make this asset worth even more. You can make it


Spotlight on Success: Justina Thornton

Spotlight on Success: Justina Thornton Machias Savings Bank Justina began her banking career last year after twelve years in the medical field in various administrative roles. And, she took off with a bang! Justina earned the following awards to support her transition into the world of banking: Banking Customer Service Experience Certificate Call Center / Customer Care Certificate Essential Professional Development Certificate Foundations in Banking Certificate Front-Line Fraud Detection Certificate Honor Student: Principles of Banking Reflecting on earning these awards


Updated: Accounting Certificate and Diploma

In our ongoing effort to bring the best in career advancement, CFTEA’s Accounting Certificate and Accounting Diploma have been updated to provide content that directly supports career development within the Accounting & Finance departments. See the changes that bring you closer to success in this critical banking career. Updates include detailed information on call reporting, Fedwire regulations, ACH and wire payments and settlements, as well as seeing how banking integrates with our national economy. The updates are live on our


What is My Why? Katrina Randlett

Katrina Randlett Learning and Development Officer New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp “CFTEA offers great growth potential in multiple areas of banking. The Modern Classroom Certified Trainer helped to transition over training offerings to virtual and keep the participants interactive. The communication/leadership qualities that Andrew and Tammy demonstrate, make me want to do more with the organization. They support me in many ways.”  


Updated: Cash Management Certificate

In our ongoing effort to bring the best in career advancement, CFTEA’s Cash Management Certificate has been updated to provide new content. See the changes that bring you closer to success in merchant services and cash management roles while supporting business customers. Updates include courses that provide an overview of business cash management services, PCI security compliance for credit card transactions, and insight to understand the lifecycle and needs of small business customers in the community. At this time, no

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