Spotlight on Success: Adam Bowman

Spotlight on Success: Adam Bowman TowneBank   Adam began working at TowneBank in 2018 and has recently transferred from a member service specialist in a retail facility to working in the loans department.   As someone new to the financial world, Adam had this to say about one of his ABA courses through CFTEA, “I took Principles of Banking which was very insightful. It laid a good foundation for a person who previously had no banking experience. It also showed


Announcing New ACE CREDIT Courses!

Looking to Transfer courses with ACE Accreditation into a College? What is ACE Credit? What is ACE Accreditation? ACE CREDIT recommendations are used by students to obtain college credit or advanced college placement for formal courses or exams taken outside the traditional classroom, including the military. ACE supports all learning, including skills gained from experiences outside postsecondary education. Credit for prior learning provides a range of options, from recognition o​f military and workforce training to national examinations and portfolio development. With more options to document


Legislation Proposed to Permit HSAs for Children

The Child Health Savings Account Act of 2022 (H.R. 6507), introduced by Beth Van Duyne (R-TX) in the House of Representatives, would expand HSA contribution eligibility requirements by allowing parents to contribute and deduct up to $3,000 each year to their childrens’ HSAs. The HSA will be treated as the parent’s HSA until the child reaches age 18. At that time, it would become the child’s HSA. As the bill is currently drafted, any distributions taken out of the HSA


Announcing New Expanded Career Paths

Announcing New Expanded Career Paths ⭐   Expanded career paths now include a highly requested one for Assistant Branch Managers. Looking to recruit and retrain from within? CSAs, CSRs, Personal, Relationship, and Universal Bankers now have an educational path for success!   Visit our Career Paths by using the links below:   Assistant Branch Manager Certificate   Assistant Branch Manager Diploma   Visit our website to discover over thirty-five career paths and options for all phases in your current career


What Is My Why? Colleen MacArthur

Over and over, we hear how CFTEA has supported aspiring career seekers to advance through the various stages of their careers.   Colleen MacArthur from Northway Bank explains how she has been impacted.   What is your why for taking CFTEA courses? #whatismywhy


Announcing a New Certificate for 2022

Announcing a New Certificate for 2022! 🏆   Organizations are looking for the best-qualified candidates in the job market. What are the key skills that are essential in today’s workforce? Interestingly, they are not skills taught in most schools and colleges today.   To support success as a new hire in all types of careers, the CFTEA Education Committee has developed the Essential Professional Skills Certificate focusing on the skills needed to bring your best to a new career.  


Decide this will be a very good year!

Here we are at the start of a new year. Right now, you’re thinking about and planning all the things that you want to accomplish in your life. You might be licking your wounds from last year. We hear you.   Use this time of year to reset, refresh your mind, get clarity on your goals and get determined. You can’t always control what happens to you but you can control how you respond. You have the power to change


Spotlight on Success: Carole Maris

Spotlight on Success:  Carole Maris Bath Savings Institution   Carole moved into the accounting department at Bath Savings after time in Loan Servicing. “I’ve always loved working with numbers so, I knew it would be a great move for me. I have loved every minute of it!” As a premier community employer, Bath Savings. continues to support continued employee growth. Carole has expressed great appreciation for the tuition reimbursement offered through work. “My managers sat down with me and made


Giving Back in 2021

While the pandemic has hit nonprofits and education hard, CFTEA is proud to announce 2021 Give Back efforts made possible by your continued support of our organization. CFTEA has always been rooted in the community and our community partners are important to us.  Where opportunities exist, we provide a way to support limited training budgets that support individuals in our local communities.  Better education means better careers leading to a stronger community. In 2021, we are proud to announce that


2022 Instructor Led Online and Webcourse Calendar

Gain access to industry knowledge to enhance your career and enhance your confidence in a safe and flexible format.  Businesses are navigating unchartered territory during the COVID-19 pandemic. What began with the cancellation of conferences, was followed by a halt to in-person meetings and restricted travel.  The majority of today’s workforce is now, at least temporarily, working remotely from home while adapting to significant change. In the meantime, technology continues to evolve rapidly, making training a crucial priority. A well-trained staff: Increases

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