New Course: Thriving in the HR Executive Role

The role of a chief human resources officer (CHRO) is multifaceted and requires adaptability, innovative thinking, and emotional intelligence. Strategy-minded HR professionals who enjoy working at the intersection of business leadership and human resources will find the path to becoming a CHRO highly engaging and rewarding. CHROs are responsible for providing guidance and coaching at the executive level, and they develop creative and innovative HR solutions to address common business challenges. In this course, you’ll learn about the crucial role


2022: Giving Back Report

As an impact-driven organization, CFTEA seeks to provide cost-effective and powerful student experiences that enhance career development in organizations and the community. In our rapidly cost-rising economy, there have been no price increases or additional shipping charges in the last four years! Through a pandemic and with the high risk of a recession, this advantage is key for organizations that are supporting community employees and their development. In 2022, CFTEA has provided courses for free, -in-kind donations, and discounts equaling


New Course: Veterans Career Advantage (No Charge)

For Impact Organization Pricing to support our veterans. Find Out More: Veterans Career Advantage Course Whether transitioning from a long career within the military, a veteran making a career change, or building skills, it is important to understand how to translate a lifetime of development within a specific skill set to civilian employment. This course prompts military veterans to examine their experience, and understand the unique challenges related to job seeking for veterans, the military, and their families. This course


Are You Experiencing Workplace Stress?

Numerous studies show that job stress is far and away the major source of stress for American adults and that has escalated progressively over the past few years. Workplace stress is likely to be an issue for all professionals at some stage in their careers. No matter your level of experience, managing today’s stress levels is needed to achieve success and happiness in and out of work. And, workplace stress becomes burnout when we no longer have the capacity to


Announcing: UT Pro – What Is It?

Your Schedule. Your Learning Style. Your Problems, Solved. Level up your productivity for Microsoft Office, Teams, Adobe, and more! This annual subscription would cost over $16,000 for separate courses – however, the subscription is all-inclusive for live, recorded, video micro-learning, questions answered by a team of subject matter experts, and reference cards for $395. The full library subscription provides total access – at a time of your choosing. New content is added to the library at no additional charge! Find


Spotlight on Success: Liz Pennell

Spotlight on Success: Liz Pennell Gorham Savings Bank Liz works as a Universal Banker at the West Falmouth branch of Gorham Savings Bank. She is the primary branch contact for all customer service needs from opening new accounts to sending wires to processing day-to-day transactions. She started her career at the bank two and a half years ago as a seasonal float teller. As a community bank, Liz truly appreciates the investment Gorham Savings Bank is making in her development.


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New Course: Managing Change and Uncertainty in the Workplace

Today’s workplace is anything but static and predictable. Organizations are struggling to do more with less as they try to keep up with rapidly changing technology and increasing competition. They grow, downsize, acquire, and merge. They develop new products and drop old ones. They seem to be continually reorganizing and restructuring. CEOs, managers, and colleagues come and go. Policies, procedures, and systems are jettisoned in favor of new ones. Employees change jobs, join new teams, and take on new responsibilities.


What Is My Why? Tina Coburn

What Is My Why: Tina Coburn – Claremont Savings Bank   “Continued education is very important in keeping me engaged and the courses I have taken over the years allow me to fit my education into my own schedule. I’m thankful to my organization and CFTEA for a great lineup of courses.”


New Special Diversity and Inclusion Bundle

A toxic work culture is the biggest reason why people quit, and it’s 10 times even more important than pay, according to research published in the MIT Sloan Management Review. But what exactly does a toxic workplace actually look like? Researchers analyzed 1.4 million Glassdoor reviews from nearly 600 major U.S. companies and found employees describe toxic workplaces in five main ways: non-inclusive, disrespectful, unethical, cutthroat and abusive. With the business world focused on retention and hiring these days, researchers on the MIT analysis

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