Introducing New Board Members!

The power of our board comes through the diversity of views. Our board of directors officially voted to add four new board members and we are so excited to have them lending their voices to our leadership. Starting their term on July 1, 2022, as we begin our 25th anniversary as a non-profit, CFTEA is excited to announce the following new board members!                   Arielle Darling (Androscoggin Bank) As AVP, Senior Training


April 2022 Coupon

Catch up on the latest information for IRAs and retirement changes to support last minute retirement savings moves!  


What Does the Metaverse Mean for the Future of Training and Work

ENTER A NEW ERA OF TRAINING WITH THE METAVERSE Just when you thought that technology couldn’t be more advanced, Facebook comes out with something new. Or Meta I should say. The technology conglomerate’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the rebrand in the fall, and the news – particularly what it means for our everyday life– is still sinking in for everyone. In the statement, they said “Meta’s focus will be to bring the metaverse to life and help people connect, find


What is Guided Learning?

Having a course experience that is as unique as you is empowering. Our Guided Learning program is the most flexible of all our learning formats.   But what exactly is Guided Learning? The Guided Learning experience provides access to 3 credit courses and more. A student textbook is mailed, there is a dedicated instructor to ask questions and gain feedback, and depending on the course students have up to 4 or 6 months to complete. Recently, the assessments and supporting


Announcing: IRA Fundamentals Updated

In February of this year, the course materials for our cost-effective IRA Fundamentals course were updated with the latest regulatory and table changes from the IRS. Our self-paced course has helpful handouts that can be used as quick guides and references to the material. Receive a 20% discount on the course price from April 1, 2022 – April 15, 2022 through online enrollment and promo code:  RETIRE20 Highlights of changes for 2022 The contribution limit for employees who participate in


2022 Training Industry Prediction Wrap-Up

Over the last few weeks, we’ve looked at four key trends impacting training in 2022.  What will happen in our rapidly changing world?     By understanding trends and anticipating organizational needs, you can be better equipped to provide and engage in optimal training.   Ready to get started on your training but don’t know where to begin? We have you covered! See what CFTEA can do for you as we bring together the nation’s best in educational career paths and


What Is My Why? Koriahn Quint

Over and over, we hear how CFTEA has supported aspiring career seekers to advance through the various stages of their careers. 🏆   Koriahn Quint from Benefits and Beyond explains how she has been impacted.  As she has gone through our unique career solution, Koriahn continues as a career champion as she actively helps those aspiring to build their professional skills.   What is your why for taking CFTEA courses? #whatismywhy


No one wants a canned solution!

Our partners, students, communities, customers, and national partners are all unique. What works for one person isn’t always what someone else is looking for. Find your unique solution – whether it is a career path, certificate, diploma, certification, or individual course.⭐   CFTEA could be compared it a swiss army knife. There are a lot of options – but you have to choose the best tool that supports your unique career and business goals. As an educational non-profit some of


2022 Training Industry Prediction #4

What is a final industry trend that will impact learning and development in 2022? Last time the focus was generational changes hitting the business world.   CONSIDERING UNIQUE LEARNING APPROACHES   With the structure of our work week evolving more than ever, there’s no doubt that the format for how we work and learn has changed. This could involve shifts into flex hours, or full-time to part-time remote working.   This is applicable to learning and development too. With employees


Thank you, Tammy!

We ❤ sharing a key reason why CFTEA is different from other organizations – our people! One of our business customers had this to say:   “I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how wonderful Tammy is. I am in contact with her all the time, asking questions and getting guidance for myself and our employees who are taking classes. Tammy is always so patient and kind. I truly appreciate her and wanted to let you

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