At times we receive feedback that too many system generated emails on our programs are hitting your mailbox.

To respond, we are working with our partners to reduce the number of course emails and our constant contact email schedule has adjusted from once a week to once every two weeks.   We are happy to announce that Total Training Solutions, who produce webinar content, have adjusted their schedule to only one email a week.  If you are not finding these helpful, please feel free to unsubscribe from their emails.  If you are receiving emails that do not contain our new logo, please be aware that these are not from CFTEA.

At times, CFTEA is reported to Constant Contact as SPAM.  If you no longer find our content relevant to you, please unsubscribe.  We can assure our audience that we are not SPAM.  We only email students, instructors, board members and friends of CFTEA.  At no time do not purchase mailing lists nor do we solicit non-students. Reporting us as SPAM harms our online score as a reliable non-profit.

We do hope everyone is enjoying the changes in our email content and the new schedule as we seek the right balance in providing relevant information about courses to assist students working toward professional development goals.

The goal is to provide high level content, less often in a world where incoming emails can be overwhelming.  As a people-focused non-profit, our goal is to continue to  respect the time of each of our students, instructors, volunteers and friends.


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