Board Spotlight: Robyn Walters, VP, Associate Legal Counsel

Board members are critical to non-profits because they ensure CFTEA is fulfilling its mission, is financially stable as well as provide critical oversight and guidance to the executive director. They enthusiastically represent CFTEA within the community. Their volunteer leadership is essential for CFTEA to continue its mission as a for-impact organization within the community.

To keep diversity and fresh perspectives among the board of directors, CFTEA is happy to welcome Robyn Walters from TowneBank as a new board member! CFTEA Executive Director, Andrew Lederer, had the opportunity to sit down with Robyn during a recent visit to Virginia and is excited to bring the fresh perspective of a lawyer to CFTEA governance.

As someone new to CFTEA, Robyn comes with a wealth of experience and energy.

“I firmly believe in using my talents and skills to support non-profit organizations. CFTEA provides training options to help both organizations and individuals meet their goals. I am excited to use my legal background to support a great team.

I believe you should never stop learning. I also believe there is always a way to learn more about your industry. As someone who came into the finance industry without a finance background, I try to take advantage of any opportunity to expand my knowledge. TowneBank’s training manager, Julie Stevens, is on CFTEA’s board as well. Her passion for training and innovative approach ensures that everyone in our organization has access to courses and programming to assist us in our roles. Through CFTEA and others like Julie, people like me have access to a wealth of knowledge that can make us better and more effective employees.”

Robyn is looking forward to learning more about the business of CFTEA so as to have a meaningful impact. Robyn will be paired with a board mentor to support her onboarding and experience. A huge thank you to the continued support of community bank, TowneBank, and Robyn for supporting CFTEA in such a powerful way.

One thing that people might not know is that Robyn went to law school because she felt she wasn’t good at math or science. “Somehow, I ended up as in-house counsel at a bank!” 😀

Welcome aboard, Robyn and congratulations!


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