This series is for professional callers, including lenders, mortgage originators, wealth managers, and experienced branch managers.  This program includes pre-call planning, in-person or virtual appointment, and post-call follow up.  We also cover negotiation, handling objections, and pricing.

The two-part Outside Calling School helps you drive new revenue, understand your clients, and maximize your time spent selling. You will learn how to tailor your value statement to match the needs of the individual or business borrower, or buyer. We emphasize how to spend your time on the right clients that result in sales growth while maximizing the highest value opportunities in your market.

This program focused on in-person and video conferencing sales calls.

We utilize a password-protected and encrypted Zoom platform that enables us to deliver the presentation in a classroom format, plus offer the opportunity to participate in group exercises and discussions in separate Zoom rooms.


Program Agenda

  •  Generational similarities in decision-making
  •  Which sales approach to appeal to each generation or buying group
  • Making the Sales Call
  • The Critical Importance of Sales Questions
  • Moving the Sale Forward
  • Managing Key Objections
  • Effective Digital Closing Technique
  • Sales follow-up
  • Tactical roadmap to beat the competition

For detailed information and pricing, explore our Outside Calling School page.

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