Our annual Spotlight Award recognizes board leaders who provide an outstanding contribution to the organization and community. The award is usually provided to new board members, however, Melissa Greene of Union Bank received this award through her work with HireAbility Vermont and actively making connections with the end goal of attracting new employees to the banking industry in the State of Vermont. The goal has been to provide access to education and learning opportunities to attract and retain new employees and strengthen rural communities with more opportunities. 

Melissa quickly connected CFTEA with multiple community organizations in Vermont, has never missed a meeting, and is fully engaged in promoting new opportunities to citizens of Vermont that can benefit from the Foundations in Banking Certificate as well as the support of a multitude of Vermont organizations and Adult Education. This desktop award is intended as a daily reminder of the gratitude of CFTEA.


As a non-profit, our board members are critical to our success. Melissa has been a long-time supporter and board member of CFTEA and has been instrumental in guiding the organization to where it is today. Congratulations, Melissa!!

Prior Winners
2019 – Lisa Holt & Krystal Boivin
2020 – Judy Folsom
2021 – Brea Hatch
2022 – Marjorie McAvoy
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