Pete Joslin of Northeast Credit Union has been awarded our 2023 Making a Difference Award. The award is based on innovative thinking and inspiration. This year is all about making connections. Pete supported CFTEA through attending community non-profit events put on by the Northeast Credit Union Foundation. 


This has led to a number of great connections, conversations, and opportunities. When board members find the right fit for CFTEA in their organizations and community that is a huge win. This type of CFTEA board involvement and support is outstanding and a clear example of why Pete has been awarded the 2023 CFTEA Making a Difference Award!


 A huge congratulations to Pete and a thank you for his hard work and dedication.



Previous Winners

2019 – Katrina Randlett & Nancy Hines
2020 – Joe Happnie
2021 – Julie Stevens
2022 – Brianna Critch
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