Our annual Spotlight award recognizes rising board leaders! Marjorie McAvoy from Biddeford Savings, a division of Maine Community Bank secured this award as an active board member. Marjorie never missed a meeting, engaged in the planning of our 25th anniversary Leader’s Conference, and is one of the first ones to offer thoughtful insight and support in our meetings. Her energy is contagious and she is so APPRECIATED. This desktop award is intended as a daily reminder of the gratitude of CFTEA.
As a non-profit, our board members are critical to our success. Marjorie joined the board during the pandemic and it was amazing to provide recognition for her willing spirit. Congratulations, Marjorie!!
Prior Winners
2019 – Lisa Holt & Krystal Boivin
2020 – Judy Folsom
2021 – Brea Hatch
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