Board Spotlight: Casey Dillingham, Talent Systems Manager
Mascoma Bank

Board members are critical to non-profits because they ensure CFTEA is fulfilling its mission, is financially stable as well as provide critical oversight and guidance to the executive director. They enthusiastically represent CFTEA within the community. Their volunteer leadership is essential for CFTEA to continue its mission as a for-impact organization within the community.

To keep diversity and fresh perspectives among the board of directors, CFTEA is happy to welcome Casey Dillingham from Mascoma Bank as a new board member! Casey has been connected to CFTEA for the last decade.

“I’ve been connected to CFTEA – in some capacity over the past ten years. Whether it is organizing our participation at student award programs, managing employee certificates and diplomas, advocating for CFTEA, and in recent years serving as a community advisory council member.”

What prompted her to take this next leadership role?

“Professional development is my passion. I am always looking for ways to help others grow professionally and personally, reach their own goals, and find their passions. CFTEA’s mission to empower and support learners is so important and aligns so well with what I hope to accomplish for others.”

The board of directors outlined four key core values that are alive within CFTEA: Trusted, Passionate, Flexible, and Innovative. Casey focused on a clear value that resonated with her.

“I’ve been lucky enough to participate in a few of CFTEA’s Leaders Conferences over the years and I am always so amazed by everyone’s passion and collaboration. The team is committed to providing the very best while also being open to new ideas and understanding the need to improve continuously. This group is inspiring, and I truly enjoy working with them and look forward to the continued work ahead.”

Casey continues to balance her responsibilities with the joy of her two boys, ages 3 and 7. The love of sports is great as well as all things outside!

While board members experience rewarding experiences as they steer the organization through challenging times, CFTEA and the current board members are thrilled to be working with Casey as she starts her term as an active board member.

“There has been so much great work done over the years with CFTEA and I know the board members are dedicated to even more great work.”

Welcome aboard, Casey!

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