Employees with independence and space to learn will make them happier, and a happy learner is more likely to engage in learning what they need to do their job better, but also to prepare for the future by exploring and developing new skills and interests.

Supporting organizations want to be in a situation where employees are independently motivated to seek out and learn things. The more they learn, the happier they are; the happier they are, the more engaged they are and the more engaged they are, the more they want to excel in their job. To be frank, that sounds like a win-win situation to us.

CFTEA’s Guided Learning Key Points

  • CFTEA’s first non-traditional format as a correspondence style course.
  • Originally known as Assisted Self Study.
  • Now, with CFTEA Workplace, the BEST non-live choice!

The manager of our Guided Learning program recently provided an overview of the program to our Board of Directors.  Find out the key pros and cons in tackling a course using Guided Learning with the video below.

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