Having a course experience that is as unique as you is empowering. Our Guided Learning program is the most flexible of all our learning formats.
But what exactly is Guided Learning? The Guided Learning experience provides access to 3 credit courses and more. A student textbook is mailed, there is a dedicated instructor to ask questions and gain feedback, and depending on the course students have up to 4 or 6 months to complete. Recently, the assessments and supporting documentation have migrated to our Learning Management System to allow for instant feedback and quick access to materials.
The following topics can be completed via Guided Learning:
– Accounting, General or Financial
– Analyzing Financial Statements
– Banking Today
– Business Math
– Commercial Lending
– Consumer Lending
– Deposit Accounts & Services
– Fundamentals of Consumer Lending
– Fundamentals of Mortgage Lending
– Fundamentals of Small Business Banking
– Human Relations
– Human Resource Management
– Legal Foundations in Banking
– Loan Collectors Training
– Management
– Marketing
– Money and Banking
– Principles of Banking
– Quality Service (Customer Service Excellence)
– Residential Mortgage Lending
– Statistics
– Supervision
– Today’s Teller
– Understanding Banking Products
– Written Communication
How does Guided Learning compare to other learning formats? Find out more on our Learning Formats page.
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