Regional Community Advisory Council Spotlight: Teddi Gorczok, Employee Development Associate
First National Bank

A huge welcome to our newest council member, Teddi! CFTEA Regional Advisory Council members provide key insights into the needs of the community and provide professional expertise with diverse perspectives. They are truly CFTEA champions! Council members are always invited as observers to board meetings and may advance to become board members.

Teddi had this to say about joining the CFTEA council:

“CFTEA is an integral part of the Personal Development Plans that I help create for our employees. I am in a position to receive continuous, direct feedback on various courses and would love to be able to use that feedback to make positive changes for the organization.

I regularly work with employees to find courses through CFTEA that move them forward as they work toward their goals. Course topics are specific enough that I can feel confident enrolling employees in a course knowing that their learning objective will be addressed directly. CFTEA is a great career development partner because they are constantly developing! It seems that every time I browse the course catalog, there are new opportunities created.

I’ve seen first-hand the boost in confidence employees receive after completing a course through CFTEA. There’s nothing I love more than seeing an employee have a “lightbulb” moment, connecting concepts learned through a course to the work that they are doing every day. What CFTEA offers is special, and it plays an integral part in the engagement of our staff.

I love CFTEA’s mission of empowering students, organizations, and strengthening communities. I totally embrace the idea that when we invest in our employees, we’re investing in our communities and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to link arms with CFTEA and push forward toward this common goal.”

CFTEA maintains four core values: Trusted, Flexible, Passionate, and Innovative. In reflecting on those values, Teddi outlined her thoughts about the direct connection between those values and the employees that run CFTEA.

“The executive director, Andrew, is the epitome of passionate. He cares so deeply about the impact that CFTEA makes, and that’s evident in his eagerness to receive feedback. He’s taken time to meet with me one-on-one on more than one occasion to hear my feedback about different courses. This is what makes CFTEA so powerful – the constant evolution of content based on what the consumers are looking for.

Tammy has earned my trust time and time again through her quick communication, friendly demeanor, and willingness to answer questions any time. CFTEA has proven flexible and innovative in the allowances they’ve made for our internal training to count toward course credits. CFTEA is truly walking out these values in everything they do – it is seen and appreciated!”

As Teddi joins the council she sees clear rewards for being part of such a collaborative community.

“The most rewarding thing to me personally as a council member will be having a seat at the table and a voice in the evolution of content. When I enroll one of our employees in a course, I want to feel confident that it’s going to be a valuable experience for them. Serving as a council member allows me to contribute to this.”

There is a clear connection between the rewards of being a council member and Teddi’s thoughts. Council members provide a strong voice to CFTEA with learning on all sides as opportunities and challenges are discussed and appreciated. As former council member, Carrie Welch from First National Bank moves onto the CFTEA board it is great to continue that relationship by maintaining the voice of First National Bank through adding Teddi to the council community! Congratulations and welcome aboard, Teddi!

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