CFTEA Council Spotlight
Melissa Tinker, Human Resources Coordinator
Community National Bank

CFTEA is thrilled to welcome Melissa Tinker to the CFTEA Regional Advisory Council. Melissa’s extensive experience and background as well as her continued support of CFTEA provide the needed insights to improve educational programs and services for the CFTEA Board of Directors.

Reflecting on joining the council Melissa shared, “Over my nearly 22-year banking career, I have completed several CFTEA courses, and earned certificates and diplomas. Joining the CFTEA council provides me with the opportunity to gain additional tools for staff development. I want to assist employees in identifying the courses that will give them the knowledge they need in their current role and to explore their future career goals.”

“Seeing someone earn a certificate, diploma, or just complete another course they were hoping to take is wonderful to see. It makes them feel good and gives goals to work toward.” Thinking about CFTEA’s core values, focusing on flexibility is important to Melissa. “The flexibility of CFTEA courses is a frequently discussed aspect, giving employees several options to achieve their goals. I would recommend CFTEA because there is a variety of courses from virtual classrooms, to self-paced, and mini-courses structured for balance between work and life.”

What is Melissa looking forward to most in her leadership role on the CFTEA council? “The most rewarding part of being a council member is sharing what I learn with my organization. If I can help someone develop and grow that is valuable not only to them but to me as well. Using what I learn from the council and putting it into action will be a huge reward for me.”

Melissa is eager to embrace any challenges in her role and she networks and develops a formal training program. “I look forward to learning as much as I possibly can.”

Council members provide a strong voice to CFTEA with learning on all sides as opportunities and challenges are discussed and appreciated. CFTEA values adding Melissa as she joins Beth Martin from Community National Bank to this inclusive learning community! Welcome aboard, Melissa!

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