Regional Advisory Council Spotlight: Emily Frechette, Training Manager
Partners Bank

CFTEA is thrilled to welcome our newest council member, Emily! The CFTEA Regional Advisory Council members provide key insights into the needs of the community as well as professional knowledge from diverse perspectives. They are truly CFTEA champions! Council members are always invited as observers to CFTEA board meetings and may advance to become board members.

Emily is on the 2023 Leaders Conference planning committee and was thrilled to be engaged with such a supportive group as she transition into learning and development from her prior role as a market manager.

“Being on the council allows me the opportunity to better understand the unique options that CFTEA can provide Partners Bank. It makes it so much easier to accurately share information with others and provide my own perspective on learning trends. I have taken many CFTEA courses over my banking career. This is my first year being the CFTEA go-to person in our organization – and it’s been incredible. I have always talked with my staff about how CFTEA can help grow their career as well as be a potential stepping-stone into different banking roles. (back office, front line, etc.) The courses are designed to work around individuals – not the other way around which ends up reducing anxiety and pressure.”

When considering the core values of CFTEA (Trusted, Flexible, Passionate, and Innovative) they were important and impactful to Emily.

“CFTEA cares about their students and their success. When student questions have come up, the CFTEA office and I have been able to proactively work together to gain insight into each unique situation and set up opportunities to overcome struggles that other organizations would not have provided. It is the passion and integrity about their programs that shines through and it is visible to all those taking courses.”

“Being a council member and being a part of the growth and change that CFTEA is dedicated to is so important to me. By being on the council I will be able to be on subcommittees and add my voice and career experience to the direction of the non-profit.”

There is a clear connection between the rewards of being a council member and Emily’s thoughts. Council members provide a strong voice to CFTEA with learning on all sides as opportunities and challenges are discussed and appreciated. Congratulations and welcome aboard, Emily!




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