CFTEA Residential Mortgage Lending Textbook 2019

We are happy to announce some exciting news!!

After a long search, we have found a replacement book for Residential Mortgage Lending! ABA stopped publishing a book and then our replacement publisher hadn’t updated their book since 2011! There have been a lot of changes in the lending world since 2011.

Our new partner allows us to gain a far superior book with a 2019 copyright that is kept up to date! Plus, the course complies with the SAFE Act and provides MLOs continued education to remain licensed.

Mortgage Lending: Principles and Practices
This textbook offers a comprehensive introduction and review of mortgage lending principles and practices including:Federal mortgage-related laws, General information about mortgage programs and products, Mortgage loan origination activities, Ethics expected of mortgage professionals, and content related to MLO license laws and regulations. The principles and practices covered in the textbook are a foundation that will help prepare you to become a capable and qualified mortgage professional. It will enable you to stay current with the changes in federal laws, products, guidelines, and procedures in the mortgage industry.

This new textbook gives our Residential Mortgage Lending course a significant edge in today’s market.

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