(pictured l-r, Kristina McLaughlin, Margaret Collamorecampbell, Lise Patterson)

A huge thank you to CFTEA’s long-standing board members that have guided the organization from transitioning executive directors to navigating the COVID-19 pandemic to providing strong leadership and updates to CFTEA course offerings and the organization.

Kristina McLaughlin served on the Nominating and Personnel Committee as a key member in reviewing applications for board positions that aligned with the needs of the organization. Her work has resulted in CFTEA aligning needs with diversity and inclusion.

Margaret Collamorecampbell served on the board for well over a decade including her time as CFTEA Board President and acting as a support for the incoming President when her term ended. Margaret guided the organization through the retirement of former CFTEA Executive Director, Tanya Kolonoski, and incoming and current Executive Director, Andrew Lederer.

Lise Patterson served on the board as an enthusiastic and encouraging member. Her time on the Executive Committee assisted in building the modern version of CFTEA known today. During the pandemic, Lise was an incredible support in guiding the organization through challenging times. From that point, she took the CFTEA Board President position and continued to share her passion for lifelong learning as a CFTEA champion.

The CFTEA board of directors continues to see diverse voices that shape community support. These are big shoes to fill and all connected to CFTEA – internally and externally – wish them success in their new adventures. Thank you so much for your years of service and support!

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