2020 Virtual Student Awards Banquet Speaker

Spotlight on Success:  Shanna Emanuel – Claremont Savings Bank
Student Awards Banquet Speaker

This year, our student awards banquets went virtual to ensure the safety of all our graduates and supporters.

At our June 18 virtual student awards banquet, student speaker Shanna Emanuel from Claremont Savings Bank shared her personal experience on how she has benefited from career development through our non-profit.

She had this to say to those in attendance, “I have been taking CFTEA courses for about ten years now and every class has been great.  I have just learned so much.  I’ve always been able to find courses that pertain to my current position and have helped me grow as an individual.  When I was first a teller, I started with Principles of Banking, like many of you probably did.

And, now that I’m the retail trainer there are still courses for me to take.  There really is something for everyone, no matter what department you work in and no matter your schedule.  I’ve really loved the self-paced options; they allow me to take the courses when I have the time.  I can balance my work, my life, my family and still learn. It has just been amazing.

CFTEA has always been there for me.  And with the recent events and shifting to work from home, CFTEA has put out multiple courses that have helped me manage my stress, teach online and really be able to help staff out.  Thank you CFTEA for always being there for us!”



A huge thank you to Shanna Emanuel for giving a speech at our virtual banquet and providing her insights into her personal journey!   Her words were inspirational to those in attendance and we wish her continued success in her career.

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