Spotlight on Success: Nick Garber
Bar Harbor Bank & Trust

Nick was recently recognized for completing his Front-Line Fraud Detection Certificate. Last year, he graduated from university and began his career in banking. At a time when employees are looking for the best career option, why did he choose Bar Harbor Bank & Trust? “They are the most supportive organization I have ever worked for. They strive for genuine and well-experienced individuals through continuing education and support from the top of the company. When someone gets comfortable, they get encouraged to seek discomfort to prevent complacency and foster growth.”

How has the content in the Front-Line Fraud Detection Certificate helped his career growth? “Unlike many training programs out there, the courses required me to think and analyze, and most importantly, reflect. I went from reading real news articles to watching a video of the famous Frank Abagnale telling his story. The reality and relevance of the material allow me to apply what I learn to my own day-to-day life. Additionally, getting this certification allowed me to get promoted as my branch’s Personal Banker!”

“Until this certificate, my only knowledge of fraud was from first-hand experience. I had not been in banking long which leaves me with limited experience. This certification put me ahead in years of experience allowing me to recognize and prevent potential issues before they occur. This confidence boost is reassuring to customers that their accounts are safe and that we have the power to stop fraud in its tracks.”

As organizations look to stand out in the marketplace, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust is using CFTEA content as an employee stepping-stone to further career development. “As someone who recently graduated university, I can say firsthand, that this program is very similar to college-level courses as far as the amount of content and interaction goes. I believe I wrote somewhere near sixteen essays across the course, and this made a difference!” If someone is considering taking this certificate, Nick offered this advice: “It is an excellent and up-to-date education with easy-to-grasp knowledge and firsthand accounts. The reflection and broadness of material are a great reinforcement to anyone at a financial institution.”

What is next in Nick’s journey? “Bar Harbor Bank is always aiding my continual education. However, I am also looking to take the Leadership Fundamentals course through CFTEA.”

Congratulations Nick on your certificate and promotion! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. A student experience with relatable content is an important driver to our education committee during these challenging and changing times. We wish you all the best in your career development!


The Front-Line Fraud Detection Certificate consists of:



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