Last year at our student awards banquets, CFTEA ran a contest to provide a free Introduction to Leadership Certificate. Kory Cantin, Commercial Loan Assistant at Union Bank, VT & NH was our winner!

The content was new for CFTEA and we caught up with Kory after completing his certificate to get his insights into the experience and how it differed from other online training.
“I’ve taken most of my classes in college online and I would have to say that the material in the Leadership Certificate was more in-depth, focused and provided a lot of interaction. My college is one of the top leaders in online education and this certificate just blew it out of the water! It is incredible this type of education is available.
The experience was different from reading a few slides and taking a quiz. It provided so much engagement that it was easier to remember and apply. All the modules of the certificate were tied together and the videos from business leaders provided a connection to visual learners and gave another perspective resulting in an engaged course, even though it wasn’t live.”
How has this opportunity helped Kory in his career?
“I found that the material fit any stage of your career and the material was easily applied wherever you are in the process of your career growth. The certificate provided key actions, heavily emphasized how to leverage teamwork while focusing on how to deal with changes and find the path of least resistance. The material made me step back when change occurs and ask – is it the change I don’t like or that I don’t like change?
After completing the certificate, I am more aware so that I thoughtfully examine changes as they come my way before reacting. I appreciated knowing techniques on how to present a new idea to others as well as how to present my concerns about a change in a way that is accepted better.”
Congratulations, Kory on your success and sharing your thoughts on one of the many new student experiences available through CFTEA!
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