Spotlight On Success:
Jill Tetrault
Kennebunk Savings

We spoke with Jill on her recent experience taking Legal Foundations in Banking from us at CFTEA:

“Taking Legal Foundations in Banking has given me a better understanding of banking laws and regulations not only in how they relate to my current position but to Kennebunk Savings Bank as a whole. It has given me a firm foundation to continue to build from in my banking career.

Webcourses can be difficult to have interaction (especially if you have a lot of introverts in the class).

Nancy Hines has done a great job at coming up with new and different ways to keep us all interacting (including ways for those that do not like speaking in front of others).

I do like that she is using Zoom for our class now as it gives the “feel” of everyone being together even though we aren’t and helps to keeps us all engaged. This is one of the first web courses I have done where I truly feel there is interaction and not just someone speaking to you.

Kennebunk Savings Bank is extremely supportive. They do a great job at posting and promoting educational opportunities and it is highly recommended to take the classes if you are able to.

I love taking classes through CFTEA and will continue to do so.”

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